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Color Beige / Custom Made for 90-120 Days

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This full-featured model is customizable and includes automatic detection and micro-adjustment to a wide range of body sizes and types, all five massage styles (shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and combined kneading and tapping), and manual speed, width, and intensity adjustment.  With Bluetooth audio and quick armrest controls, carbon fiber heating, zero gravity, and full stretch function.

Beige is a custom color special order – approximately 90 days are required for delivery.

  • Automatic Body Scanning
  • Six Automatic Massage Programs
  • Manual Massage Mode
  • Five Massage Techniques
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • 28 Compressive Massage Air Bellows with Adjustable Pressure
  • 4 Rollers on SL-track System
  • Roller Massage on the Bottom of the Feet
  • 3 Levels of Speed Adjustment
  • Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating for the Back
  • Stepless Footrest Adjustment
  • "Zero Space" Only needs 5cm of Space from the Wall
  • Built-in Speakers with Bluetooth Functionality
  • Negative Oxygen Ion Generator On Upper Armrest
  • Castors for Easy Repositioning

49" x 32" x 54"
Height | Width | Depth
When fully reclined, Depth is 69"

GT700 Features

Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands continue gathering curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur massage skills to realize a multidimensional and aspect stereo massage. Intelligent massage hands imitate professional massagist methods to do the following massage actions: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist. The maximum stretch space is 6.5cm, and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, therefore the mechanical hands can provide an effective massage to the human cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, and lumbar vertebra. This combination of stretch space and angles can guarantee your back will receive an even strength massage, combined with professional massagist methods, to refresh yourself and relieve your fatigue.

Foot Gua Sha / Reflexology Massage

Emulates a hand massage with advanced foot roller technology that provides a professional massagist’s Gua Sha massage. The massage focuses on the Yongquan point on the sole with 3cm of travel. Enjoy unprecedented comfort with a gentle steady massage or one which gradually increases in strength.

Airbags compress the calf, ankle, and foot. A massage method of compression, pauses, and releases stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupressure points.

Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity position, based on the posture astronauts take during liftoff, positions the legs and torso at 118 degrees and elevates the thighs and calves above heart level. This position evenly distributes your weight and the force of gravity along your whole body. In this position, maximum relaxation of the nervous and circulatory systems occurs, improving blood flow and reducing back pain. Experience a deeper level of relaxation with a Zero Gravity Massage.

SL Rail Design

The GT700’s advanced SL rail design is another feature that puts this chair in a class all its own. Much closer to the natural contours of the spine and hips than the S or L rails of past models, the SL rail exerts less unwanted bone pressure and more of the deep tissue relief and circulatory stimulation you need from a therapeutic massage. This industry-best 135cm long rail brings full roller massage and shiatsu functionality from the base of the skull to the top of the calves, for amazing integration with the pressure and kneading functions around the legs, feet, arms, and hands.

Line Type Arm Massage

The GT700's innovative line-type arm massage features 12 arm airbags according to the human arm curve. These 12 airbags allow for an air pressure massage focusing on the hand Sanli point and the Neiguan point. The air pressure massage is performed with a rhymical pulse to stimulate and completely relax your arm down to the fingers.

Shoulder Width Adjustment

The S shaped rail curve is based on a combination of human ergonomics and back massage principles providing excellent support to the body. The S rail guarantees that the back is accurately positioned for a proper back massage. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21cm, with three levels.

Intelligent Mechanical Hands

Intelligent mechanical hands can move up and down on the neck, shoulder, back and waist. They can automatically determine the back curvature and extend as wide as 21cms. Vertically the mechanical hands travel 135cms, providing full back coverage.

Six Automatic Massage Programs

Ache Relief: Deeply massages the acupressure points to effectively alleviate pain.

Comfort: Comforting massage designed to loosen tight muscles.

Relax: Promotes blood circulation with kneading and compressive air massage.

Demo: A quick program to experience all the massage effects the GT700 has to offer.

Upper Body: Massage that focuses on the upper body. For maximum effect, removing the back cushion is recommended with this massage.

Lower Body: Massage that focuses on the lower body. Massage rollers will go past the glutes to the thighs.

Linkage Arm Rest

The Armrest automatically slides according to the angle the backrest reclines. This keeps the hand and waist in a natural postural position while massaging.

Stepless Extendable Footrest

The calf rest frame can extend freely to adjust to different body heights. Extendable by up to 25cms, this ensures a full body, formfitting massage.

Zero Space Feature

The uniquely designed one-button slide function can open the massage chair completely while being 5cm away from the wall. The sliding distance is 22cm saving a lot of space that a regular massage chair would need!

Shortcut Buttons

Convenient shortcut buttons for quick adjustments.

Bluetooth Functionality

Built-in speakers connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to play your music.

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

A 40°C-50°C back heating function can relieve coldness and pain in your back. The emissive far infrared wavelength of the heating function coincides with the human body wavelength allowing the energy to be absorbed by human cells, which can activate cells and promote metabolism.