Fujimi Massage Chair

The massages were too Intense!

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse after purchasing a massage chair because the massages ended up being too intense and painful?

True massage relief comes from receiving the correct pressure that works for you.

While different intensity levels are used within a massage session to impart a desired effect, such as light pressure for relaxing strokes and significant pressure for deep tissue massages, everyone has a different massage intensity tolerance. The intensity of a massage must remain comfortable for the person receiving it.

If you previously purchased a massage chair that was too intense, a TS7000 Fujimi Max could be a great fit for you. Twelve automatic massage programs that range from gentle and relaxing to firm and restorative allow you to choose a program to suit your needs. Adjustable airbag pressure for the legs and arms and adjustable foot roller speed makes it simple to adjust the massage to your liking.


Too Intense
Back Pain
Pelvic Misalignment

features of The TS7000 Massage Chair

- Automatic Body Scanning
- 12 automatic massage programs of varying intensity.
- Compressive airbags with adjustable strength.
- Adjustable speed foot massage.
- Carbon fiber far infrared heat system

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