What are some ways to get relief from migraines?

Leg pressure points effective for controlling migraines.
People often suffer from migraines soon after finishing a regimen of medications. Rather than simply bear the pain, there are a number of pressure points that can be used to alleviate this pain.
Surprisingly, several of the most important pressure points for this purpose are found on the legs and feet. Along with massaging these muscles, applying pressure to specific points can yield positive results.

Outer Metatarsal Pressure Point
On the outside of the foot, just above the join of the little toe, is this point, which is useful in treating headaches and pain at the back of the skull.

Outside Ankle and Achilles Pressure Point
Use this pressure point, located next to the outside ankle bone in the hollow formed by the Achilles tendon, to reduce not only headache pain but also dizziness, nausea, lower back pain and swelling in the legs.

The Fourth Metatarsal Pressure Point
This point, found between the metatarsals of the fourth toe and pinkie, are said to reduce neck and shoulder stiffness, as well as menstrual irregularity.

How to Stimulate Pressure Points

Using the fingertips or palm, apply a comfortable degree of pressure. Time the application of pressure with the breathing, pressing rhythmically every six
seconds or so, as the breath is exhaled. Hold for two seconds at the end of each breath/cycle, then release as the next inhalation begins. It is also fine to stimulate the pressure points with a tennis or yoga ball.  Without using pressure, applying a hot compress to the pressure points can also be effective.