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Multiple types of massages are preprogrammed for your enjoyment and relaxation.
Full body massage: Deep massage to rejuvenate your body.
Chiropractic massage: Focuses on chiropractic massage and relaxes your body and mind.
Fatigue Recovery: Restore the full body from fatigue and pain; achieve relaxation, improve microcirculation, and quickly relieve back and limb fatigue.
Meridians massage: Stimulates the circulation of the blood and causes the muscles and joints to relax; quickly improves the body's microcirculation and enhances your immunity.
Beautiful buttock massage: Effective massage on the buttocks and thighs to shape the body and reduce the accumulation of excess body fat.
Sleep peacefully massage: Thorough massage for the twelve major acupoints for healthcare. This massage helps the body to adjust balance and quickly improves your sleep and sleep quality.

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