Fujimi Massage Chair

Inaccurate Massage

The massage did not provide relief!

Did you know that accuracy is important for massage effectiveness?

For someone to perform safe and effective massages, it is necessary to locate the pressure and reflex points and understand human anatomy and physiology. Due to differences in body type and size, the positions of these points are subtly different, making it a challenging task. For this reason, massage therapists go through vigorous training, education, and certification procedures.

For this same reason, you want to make sure a massage chair is programmed and designed to perform a massage that will end up helping you and not harming you. Fujimi Massage Chairs feature automatic body scanning at the start of every massage. This initial scan ensures that the massage performed is accurate and effective. Coupled with the automatic body scanning are the massage programs, which have been carefully crafted following guidance from a Chiropractor to ensure every press, knead, and tap is at the correct spot.

features of fujimi massage chairs

-Automatic Body Scanning ensures a custom massage
-3D rollers to adjust the user’s width.
-Extendable leg rest helps with accuracy.
-SL-Track follows the curve of the back and extends to the thighs.
-Compressive Airbags to relax and help maintain proper massage positioning.

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