Massaging the lower legs
Moving the toes vigorously and massaging both the front and back of the legs below the knees will do much to force the flow of blood and lymph. Pressing the fingers directly into the muscles of the lower legs, use pressure down to the base of the muscles.

Massaging around the knees
Stimulate the muscles at the back of the leg by gripping firmly at the knee joint and pulling the fingers upwards. This will have an immediate positive effect on circulation and should be performed whenever any swelling is noticed.

Calf and Thigh Massage
The inguinal region at the base of the leg is a nexus of both lymph and large blood vessels. This area should be thoroughly kneaded. Holding the knee with one hand, press the fingers of the other hand into the thigh, moving from the top of the thigh all the way down to the knee. Straightening the knee, do the same for the length of the calf, moving both up and down. This will loosen tightness in the joints, return flexibility to the muscles, and improve the flow of blood. Change the position of the fingers on the muscles several times while doing this up down massage. Twisting the leg muscles is also effective. Grab the leg muscles and twist them 5 - 6 times, as if wringing a dishcloth. Start at the ankles and work your way all the way up to the thighs, doing the same for one section at a time. Squeezing the muscle also works. Try starting at the ankles, and squeezing and pulling upwards five or six times, little by little moving all the way up the leg.

Ankle massage
Scissoring your Achilles tendon between your ring and middle fingers where it connects to the ankle, squeeze and draw your fingers up the muscle to the middle of the calf. Repeat several times.

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