Fujimi Massage Chair

The massages were not intense enough!

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse after purchasing a massage chair because the massages ended up being too gentle and ineffective?

When you need relief from those stubborn knots and adhesions, there's nothing like an invigorating, deep-tissue massage!

If you previously purchased a massage chair that was not intense enough to your liking, you may have felt unsatisfied as you didn't get the effect desired. A TS8500 could be a great option if you enjoy more intense massages. The massage rollers are more angled when compared to other models, providing a massage that feels more like a knuckle rather than a thumb. To achieve more pressure massage therapists will often use their forearms and elbows, and while this does increase the intensity, accuracy and pinpoint pressure may suffer. The TS8500 offers elbow intensity at finger point accuracy. This chair is fantastic for anyone who enjoys deep tissue massage with consistent pressure and accuracy.

features of the TS8500 massage chair

-2D knuckle type massage roller for greater intensity
-Manual massage modes for pinpoint deep tissue massage
-Full body air pressure compression massage.
-Calf massage rollers for fast recovery.

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