Benefits of Massaging the Calves


Calf Acupressure Points

After staying in the same position for a certain time, many people feel swelling and other symptoms. In such cases, you can massage the calves to improve circulation throughout the body.

What are the benefits of calf massage?
Calf muscles play an important role in returning blood to the heart against the force of gravity and in circulating lymph and other body fluids throughout the body. When the circulation is sluggish, wastes accumulate and cause swelling. This can also cause a variety of symptoms.

Massaging the calves improves the blood flow, detoxifies the body by expelling wastes from the body, and increases basal body temperature. In addition, many other benefits can be expected, including the followings.

* Reduces the burden on the heart and stabilizes blood pressure.
* Increases basal metabolism and facilitates fat burning.
* Expect Anti-aging effect by activating the cells.
* Improves insomnia by regulating autonomic nervous system.
*Improvement of immune system.

Calf Pressure Points

These pressure points are located along the calf just to the outside of the shin bone.

Pressure Points On The Back Of the Calves

These pressure points run down the back of the calf muscles.