Interested in B2B Sales with Fujimi Massage Chair?


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B2B Sales

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Tony Vandenworm


386 Beech Ave. Suite B7 Torrance, CA 90501




Fujimi Referral Program

Our special referral program offers benefits to the referrer and the referee! It is a special program and it's a win-win for everyone involved!

If your business is interested in the program, please fill out the form above and we will contact you shorty.

Beauty Salon

Offer clientele a relaxing massage to complete a pampering experience!

Golf Clubhouse

Give club members a way to unwind and relax before or after tee time!


Pre-workout massages can help loosen muscles and improve blood flow, reducing the risk of injury!

Retail Store

Give shoppers a way to rest and recharge!


Provide waiting patrons a unique experience!