Automatic Massage Programs (TS7000)

Comfort: The most comfortable massage experience for general relaxation and recovering from fatigue. Recommended first massage for most people.

Relax: Gentle, relaxing, and comfortable deep massage to relieve body fatigue and relax the body. Recommended for those who prefer a light intensity massage.

Stretch: Massage that comprises of stretching the body by using a combination of air compression, massage rollers positioning, and chair angle manipulation.

Shoulder & Neck: Massage that focuses on the shoulder and neck. For maximum effect, removing the back cushion is recommended with this massage.

Back & Waist: Massage that focuses on the back and waist with massage rollers moving down past the lower back to the glutes and thighs.

Full Body Massage: Deep tissue massage that starts with tapotement (tapping) to rejuvenate the body.

Chiropractic Massage: Massage designed to promote spine and nerve health, relax the body and mind.

Fatigue Recovery: Full body massage to relieve fatigue and pain in the back and limbs. Improves microcirculation and achieves relaxation with compression.

Meridians Massage: Stimulates the circulation of blood, enhances immunity, and causes muscles and joints to relax. Accurately stimulates acupressure points along the meridians. The concept of the Meridians is based on the traditional Chinese medicine and are considered the passageways through which energy flows throughout the body.

Beautiful Buttocks Massage: Effective massage on the buttocks and thighs to shape the body and reduce the accumulation of excess body fat.

Sleep Peacefully Massage: Massages the 12 major acupressure points to help the body regain balance and quickly improve sleep quality.

Full Air Pressure Massage: Focuses on proving full-body compression to achieve full relaxation. Coupled with deep tissue massage to relieve fatigue and pain from the body.

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