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About the Creator, History, and Mission of Fujimi Massage Chairs


The Fujimi Massage Chair is the invention of TK World founder Taku Ino, a professional chiropractor who began designing and building his own massage chairs after emigrating to the United States from Japan, in 2005.

In the early years of the massage chair industry, Mr. Ino was focused exclusively on his chiropractic work, where he noted subtle differences in the biomechanical and neuromuscular issues faced by his American and Asian patients. While westerners tended to have larger frames, they also suffered less stiffness in the shoulders than Asians, with somewhat more trouble in the lower spine and joints.

In the course of his work, Ino was frequently asked questions by his patients about the efficacy of massage chairs, which were growing in popularity at the time. He began to research the topic, not only to answer questions, but to see how the massage chair might benefit his patients, and perhaps even complement his own work. This marked the start of a quest that would ultimately lead to significant advances in massage chair design.

Ino began evaluating the functionality and benefits of the top massage chair brands. While many of the better models provided moderate, temporary relief from aches and pains, earning his qualified approval, he could find none that treated the entire body in a comprehensive way, or offered genuine therapeutic value. Especially lacking was a chair that addressed the lower back and hips, stress points where Americans were particularly vulnerable to imbalance and misalignment.

In the course of his investigations, Ino visited factories that were producing high-quality chairs, and realized that he was in a position to create something far superior. Working with both engineers and programmers, he did just that, ultimately developing a chair that fit the needs of the westerner with a deep massage that included the essential stretching and destressing of the lower back and hips. In this way the first generation of Fujimi massage chairs was born.

The evolution of the massage chair continues to this day. Recently, competing brands have incorporated many of the early designs found in Fujimi chairs. Yet Fujimi continues to innovate and build upon its latest advances, always with an eye to ensuring the maximum relaxation and pleasure of the user, yet never sacrificing the ultimate goal of improving the neuromuscular health of the user.

Our Team Members

  • Taku Ino

    Taku Ino

    CEO & Chiropractor

  • Sako Maki

    Sako Maki

    General Manager (Honolulu)

  • Yu Nakamura

    Yu Nakamura

    Administrative Assistant (Honolulu)

  • Hernam Usami

    Hernam Usami

    Sales Manager

  • Tony Vandenworm

    Tony Vandenworm

    VP of Marketing and Sales

  • Simon Vandenworm

    Simon Vandenworm

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Nela Nikoletic

    Nela Nikoletic

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Dwight Wagner

    Dwight Wagner

    Creative Manager

  • Yuki Katakami

    Yuki Katakami

    IT Operation

  • Nicki Uchino

    Nicki Uchino

    Office Manager

  • Dr. Tom Walker DC

    Dr. Tom Walker DC

    Chiropractor / Advisor

  • Chaz DeGuzman MA

    Chaz DeGuzman MA

    Kinesiology Operations Director / Advisor

  • Dr. Reynold Wong LAc

    Dr. Reynold Wong LAc

    Acupuncturist / Advisor

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