How to Enhance Your Massage Experience and Use Your Massage Chair More Effectively

How to Enhance Your Massage Experience and Use Your Massage Chair More Effectively

It is easy to sit in your Fujimi massage chair and start an automatic program and have a great massage. However, have you ever wanted to enhance your massage experience? If so, here are some helpful tips to follow!

  1. Warm your body before beginning your massage.

Warming your body before you receive a massage can produce many benefits! When the body is warm, blood flow and circulation improve, creating positive effects that will compound with the positive benefits from a massage. With increased blood flow, improved oxygen and nutrient circulation can occur. Better blood circulation also leads to better lymph circulation, helping the body to get rid of waste. Tight muscles may begin to loosen, which may help decrease pain and tension and lead to overall relaxation.

As you can see, these benefits complement and enhance the benefits you receive from massaging alone. Due to the higher body temperature and better circulation after exercise, this tip is particularly effective. While most people will shower after physical activity, it may be a good idea to consider taking a bath. By soaking in the bathtub, your body temperature will remain higher for longer, making it an excellent preparatory option prior to receiving a massage.

  1. Use Music or Aromatherapy for Greater Relaxation

Listening to calming or meditative music while receiving your massage can lead to greater relaxation. Meditative music or sounds of nature trigger the brain to create alpha waves, which occur naturally when people are relaxed. Combine this with aromatherapy to reach even greater levels of relaxation. The scents of essential oils can promote health, greater relaxation, and general well-being. Lavender, Vanilla, or Lemon Grass are great scents to try first. Find the scent which works best for you!

 Your senses will be completely engulfed in the massage as a result of the combination of touch, sound, and smell. This will result in the best, most relaxing massage possible. Enjoy your relaxing moments as you sit back and let the stress melt away and refresh your mind and body.