Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, Fujimi Massage Chairs can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

Fujimax Model TS-7000

MSRP $10,499.00

SALE $9,499.00

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Fujimi Model EP-8800

MSRP $8,499.00

SALE $7,499.00


  • Massage mechanism is four-wheel driven, muted design can move up and down.
  • Designed with five kinds simulation massage models: kneading, tapping, sync with kneading and tapping, shiatsu, knocking.
  • Automatic testing and locating on shoulder position.
  • With the function of storing 2 massage states as memo.
  • With four characteristic automatic massage function. (Auto, full body air pressure, swing hip, waist stretch).
  • Upper body characteristic automatic massage function: whole back, neck and shoulder, back waist for choice.
  • With rollers on foot, and the speed with 3 levels adjustable.
  • Calf rest extended stepless, fit for different body height.
  • With overturn function on upper arms fit for different body height.
  • With the function of calf rest rise up and down, backrest rise up and down, linkage lifting with calf rest and backrest, lie down automatically.
  • Recover of the massage mechanism when turning off the chair.
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Fujimi Model GT-700

MSRP $10,499.00

SALE $9,499.00


  • Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands.
  • 12 Points Comfortable Physical Therapy.
  • Super Wall Space Saving.
  • 53″ Super Long “L” Shape.
  • “Guasha” foot Massage.
  • Arm Air Massage.
  • Leg Air Massage.
  • Zero Gravity.
  • Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heating.
  • Easy Button and USB Phone Charger.
  • Negative Oxygen Ion.
  • Bluetooth Speakers.
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Nagomi Model TS-7500

MSRP $7,999.00

SALE $6,999.00


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Alleviate Pain

  • Relieve back pain
  • Relieve muscle tension and stiffness
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eyestrain

Reduce Stress

  • Increase relaxation
  • Relieve stress
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Reduce anxiety

Life Healthier

  • Reduce heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve cardiovascular health

Feel Better

  • Realize more restorative sleep
  • Enjoy a caring, nurturing touch
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance athletic performance
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Excellent powerful Fujimi EP8800 massage chair

I bought this Fujimi EP8800 massage chair at a trade show, new, at an unclosed price, but a lot cheaper. One day I came home and saw the chair in shipping carton at my front door, 278 Ib. It took some work to opened the huge carton, fortunately it has 2 wheels in the back, my wife and I managed to gently rolled it to the right spot in the family room, not easy but can be carefully done.

The assembly was quite easy, connecting the airbag tubes, insert seat bottom, screwed in place, zipped it. Then attached the 2 big arms, connected the airbag hoses, and 4 screws. Attached the control panel was also easy. Pretty straight forward and easy task. The instruction is hard to understand, but the graphics were helpful.
It uses regular household electric power, just plug it in and it works.

We also have an older Panasonic massage chair in perfect condition, but it is no comparison to this latest Fujimi EP8800, this is the most powerful massage chair I have ever used. Powerful and effective massage rollers have varies modes, dozens of preset programs can be switched at the push of one button. The instruction is in bad English, but at some point we each figured out how to use it. It is said it has 30 preset programs which I am sure is true, but we have yet to figure them out.

There are several features I really like. Airbags, the chair has many airbags all over, they inflate and squeeze and release your arms, legs, feet, body and butt so tightly almost hurts. You can control the intensity but I like the strongest mode which sometimes I thought it will not stop and bent on killing me, just I thought there maybe something wrong, then it stops. I love the feet rollers which is running constantly, then the airbags squeeze my feet and calf so tight they hurt, which is effective and exactly what they should do. I also like the back-stretch, chair lock the arms and feet, then lie down to stretch the back, a good one.

The styling reminds me of the first class and business class seats on the airplanes with that cocoon round shape in the back, and the blue LED lights are cool. My intention was to make this private comfort space like the first class seat on long haul flights, why should it be only on the airplane, I can do that at home, with a big HD TV in front, I think this turned out far superior than any first class setup. After a full day of work, I come home to sit in my first class massage chair, with a drink and watch TV, what a life.

We are very happy with this purchase, turned out better than expected. I’d highly recommend this Fujimi EP8800.

UPDATE: It has been few months, the EP8800 continues to provide excellent massage service daily. Push button controls raise and lower foot rest and back to lie flat position, returns to vertical position once you shuts it down with one push of button. Preset programs are very important, each goes through complex routines for 15 minutes programs. During a recent party, all 16 guests took turns to use it, some sneaked back repeatedly, all agreed this is the best they’ve ever used. One guy hurt his back that morning, the back stretcher mode fixed his back.

macbc Color: Black

It was honestly the best massage I ever got from a chair

I too experienced this chair at a Home Show. It was honestly the best massage I ever got from a chair… the show price as about $3000… maybe I can afford it for retirement. Amazon’s description of this chair’s technology does not do the chair justice: Not only could the IR sensors really figure out exactly where my muscles were to adjust the roller width but the 3D technology is also able to push the rollers into your muscles instead of just rolling over them. Air bags in the foot massage unit constantly presses your feet down onto a small set of tiny rolling pin tractor treads… I was never one for foot massages, but wow. The thing also scrunches you up then the air bags grab you by the ankles and the shoulders while the chair unfolds out straight to really strech your body. I want to find this chair again to test the neck massage capabilities.


Mike Fanchin Color: Black

Saves on $100 weekly massage

Got the EP9000 at a trade show for a good price. Best decision ever! Saves on $100 weekly massages so will pay for itself in short order. So relaxing. We love it!

Sammyja Model EP-9000

Best massage chair ever.

I bought my Fujimi massage chair at a trade show. I was shown the Japanese price as $9,999.99. And the show price was half off. I was the first customer and given an additional amount off that I could better afford as a good luck for the vendor. It worked. Right after me a gentleman bought 2 it was delivered and totally set up for me in my spot of choice, and good thing because I cannot move it. It is so heavy. Now my daughter comes over to use it and my son uses it too. It is great. It puts us to sleep every time. I’ve seen other brands in the store that sell way more than what I paid. I’m very happy.

Linda Rivera Color: Black

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Durable and great support. It’s worth the money

This review is for Fujimi 9800. I had this massager for about 4-5 years. As an RN for 39 years I have nothing but praise for this massager It worked very well until lightning surge hit our house and guess what Mr. Ying gladly sent me the computer board that my husband easily changed in just a few minutes. This chair massages from the top of the neck to the finger tips, down to the toes. The back massage relieves my aches after a long stressful day working in the ICU. It’s so relaxing. Worth the money.

Marilyn B.