Fujimi Massage Chairs

Committed to being the perfect massage chair for everyone

Experts agree - award-winning Fujimi massage chairs combine the most advanced massage chair technology with uncompromising craftsmanship and innovative software design.  The eternal quest - to answer the needs of each individual for an immersive, therapeutic, and deeply relaxing massage experience with a single, highly-adaptive chair – is now closer to realization than ever before.  The newest line-up of Fujimi chairs not only simulate, but in countless way surpass, the best efforts of a professional masseur.

Intelligent Voice Control (IVC)

After perfecting the mechanics and ergonomics of a point-sensitive, individualized full body massage across multiple styles of massage, the next-generation Fujimi TS Series has added a further feature to eliminate all distractions that might hinder user relaxation– Fujimi Intelligent Voice Control (IVC). A chair that understands vocalized commands assures a totally immersive, completely relaxing experience.  No hand movement, lifting of the head, or other exertion that might cause muscle tension, imbalance or simple annoyance is required.  Communicating simple commands to your chairis now as easier than conversing with a live masseur.


Fine-tuning your massage is easy with the convenient armrest controls. Adjust angle of repose, or enable voice commands, with the simple touch of a button. Additional one touch controls include Power, Auto and Linkage, allowing simple adjustment to roller positioning.


In the zero gravity position the body is suspended as if floating in water or deep space, allowing for the complete release of tension throughout the body. In this position maximum relaxation of the nervous and circulatory systems occur. The mind is freed to focus on gentle, deep breathing, further enhancing the effects of the chosen mode of massage. Zero gravity positioning coupled with the highly articulated shiatsu, kneading, tapping and pressing actions insure a transcendent massage experience.

22 Air Pressure Massage Bellows

The TS7000 is equipped with air bellows in 22 locations, stimulating circulation throughout the body with invigorating kneading and pressure along key muscles groups and nervous system meridians.

USB and Remote

Placed exactly where you need it is a receptacle for the remote control. You can also use this cup for your cellphone. Connect to the USB port to play your favorite relaxation music.

Zero Space

Many massage chairs are simply too big for the available space.  Not Fujimi’s zero space models, which allow positioning of the chair’s back to within 5 cm of the wall with no impediement to the rear even when in the fully reclined position.  Whether you chose to locate it in a corner of your living room, in an office waiting room, or even in a small bedroom, the Fujimi Massage Chair is inconspicuous. And with convenient roller wheels, it’s easy to reposition, as needed.


“SL” Rail Design

The TS7000’s advanced ‘SL’ rail design is another feature that puts this chair in a class all its own.  Much closer to the natural contours of the spine and hips than the S or L rails of past models, the SL rail exerts less of the unwanted bone pressure and more of the deep tissue relief and circulatory stimulation you need from a therapeutic massage.  This industry-best, 135cm long rail brings full roller massage and shiatsu functionality from the base of the skull to the top of the calves, for amazing integration with the pressure and kneading functions around the legs, feet, arms and hands

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Full Stretch Function

The constant pressure of gravity, and the specific inertias of repetitive daily movements, compress and compact our joints, muscles and nervous system in myriad ways.  This is especially true of the spinal column, though shoulders, hips, knees and other skeletal joints are also prone to compression, misalignment and imbalances. The Full Stretch function of the Fujimi massage chair utilizes chiropractic traction and extension of the entire skeletal frame centering on the waist and spine, opening space between compressed vertebrae and joints, expanding the rib cage, opening the hips, and stretching the largest and most tension-prone muscles groups.  Users of the stretch function notice immediate reduction of stiffness, relief from muscle pain, and marked improvements in mobility. 

Smart Body Scanning/Stereo Massage

The body contour scanning technology of the Fujimi massage chair collects data on your body shape as your massage is under way. This is necessary not only because every person has a different body shape, but because no human is built with prefect right and left side symmetry.  With smart body scanning, you get a ‘stereo’ massage that adjusts pressure and position to the contours of your particular physique, much as a live masseuse would accommodate these same differences.  Also referred to as “intelligent hands”, this function allows for precise massage of the delicate cervical spine - with shiatsu finger pressure, kneading and rolling - and pinpoint manipulation of the thoracic spine and shoulders.  Of course, you can always adjust the width, intensity and speed of any aspect of your massage with manual controls and full customization, as well.

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